Dialogform was founded in 1984 by Ulrich Ewringmann, a graduate designer (FH). Dialogform GmbH cooperates with industrial companies that are internationally active and present. They make extensive use of the range of services offered in many cases and in long-term partnerships.

The creative dialogue with our clients on a basis of trust is therefore an important prerequisite for a successful and market- and brand-oriented service that supports our clients in achieving the defined corporate goals through external impulses. The result shows how well the interdisciplinary team of internal and external project participants worked.

Dialog [gr.-lat.-fr.] der; -[e]s, -e:

a) Zwiegespräch, Wechselrede;
Ggs. à Monolog (b); b) politische
Unterredung zwischen Vertretern
von zwei Staaten. dialogisch:
in Dialogform. dialogisieren:
in Dialogform gestalten.

Auszug aus dem Duden

Ulrich Ewringmann

Industrial Designer, founder and CEO of Dialogform GmbH.

Studied graphic design at the FH Augsburg, then industrial design at the FH Munich, graduating with a diploma. Internships and subsequent collaboration with fti Design, Louis L. Lepoix.

Ulrich Ewringmann founded Dialogform in 1984 initially as a sole proprietorship, in 2000 the company form was converted into a GmbH (limited liability company).

Boris Eickhoff

Industrial Designer and Partner of Dialogform GmbH.

Four semesters of studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, followed by studies in industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, graduating with a diploma.

Boris Eickhoff has been responsible for successful project work at Dialogform since 1995.

Mari Mansikka

Graphic Designer

Studied product design at the University of Applied Sciences Lahti in Finland, graduating with a diploma. Since then she has worked as a graphic designer in the fields of corporate design, product graphics and technical documentation.

Mari Mansikka has been creatively responsible for communication design at Dialogform since 2012.

Markus Beese

Industrial Designer

Studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. 1990 Diploma degree. Since then he has been working as a freelancer in the development of capital and consumer goods.

Markus Beese has extensive experience in the design and construction of machines and technical equipment in a wide variety of industries as well as toys. Since 2012, he has supported Dialogform with his experience as a permanent employee.

Limin Wang

Industrial Designer

Studied Transportation Design at Pforzheim University. Graduated with a diploma in 2007. Since then he has worked as a Transportation Designer for major brands in the commercial vehicle and automotive industry such as MAN, Hymer and Karmann.

Limin Wang has been responsible for Industrial Design at Dialogform since 2020.

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