Within the framework of their presence on the global market, our clients are usually among the world market leaders who also set benchmarks in design.

Due to our specialisation in technical design, especially in the capital goods sector, our working methods are strongly interdisciplinary. The cooperation with different system suppliers of our clients requires an early and deep introduction of the designers into the respective subject matter for the goal-oriented project work.

The range of services offered by Dialogform GmbH includes the creation of design concepts (CI and CD) within the process chain under strategic aspects as well as the resulting development of industrial products with project support up to series production readiness. This includes workplace ergonomics with interface design (MMI) and product graphics as well as engineering aspects from a design perspective prior to the final detailed construction. Design documents for tool development and, if necessary, for previous rapid prototyping are created on a CAD basis with professional data transfer.

The accompanying product service offered by Dialogform GmbH includes illustrative visualizations for technical documentation and assembly instructions, as well as accompanying product and corporate communication by our internal graphics department.

“… The first talks with our design partner – the company Dialogform – take place at a very early stage. Due to the long-standing cooperation, only a few discussions about the first drafts and requirements for the new roll up to the finished product design are necessary. One can speak here without exaggeration of a well-rehearsed team. Continuity in collaboration is an important factor for the success of the design and the creation of the company’s own signature”.

Dr.-Ing. Axel Römer

authorized signatory

Head of Development & Design


design management

Creation of a culture of creativity

Control and implementation of creative processes at the enterprise levels

Support of a creative culture through organisational structures

Support of entrepreneurial action – operational and strategic

design strategy

Project planning according to design aspects

Market and competition analyses, also taking historical references into account

Target group analysis and priority assessment

Strategic positioning of the product(s) and thus the brand in the environment

  • Creation of product guidelines through sustainable corporate design elements

    Although the different machine lines are optimized for different applications, they visibly follow one design principle. This creates a product family with a high recognition value.

design process

  • Actual state and technical research
  • User and user analysis
  • Visualization of design concepts for orientation and vision formation
  • Product development and detailing

    From the idea to the finished product. The drafts we visualize give all project participants a common idea of what the product may look like. Subsequently, the design is built up in CAD so that the generated data can be used in the respective engineering departments.

  • Inclusion and processing of ergonomic aspects

    We attach great importance to designing the interaction between man and machine at the interface according to the latest ergonomic findings. Ergonomically well-designed products not only increase comfort, but also have a positive effect on the long-term health of people.

  • Conception and implementation of Human Interface Design Elements (MMI)

    Operator’s stand for asphalt pavers – meaningful and intuitive operation.

    Continuous operating system for different types of rollers. “Easy Drive” makes it much easier to operate different machines.

    Intuitive machine operation and process monitoring simplify the operator’s daily routine and include necessary reserves in terms of safety.

  • Creation of design fundamentals

    Exploded view of a luminaire. Built as an injection molded part, high demands were placed on a dustproof and waterproof design.

    Design of a cabin interior consisting of vacuum formed parts.

  • Investigation of production-oriented optimization potentials

    Cutting of the side plates on a roller. Optimizing the shaping of the sheets minimizes waste and reduces costs.

  • Communication with the disciplines involved in the development process

    On-site project meeting as an important component for internal communication during joint development process.

communication design

Corporate design from logo to display

Corporate Communications – Planning, Support and Implementation

  • Illustrations and visualizations for technical documentation and assembly instructions

    The meaningful and logical structure of assembly instructions also contributes to customer satisfaction in the case of consumer goods.

  • Product graphics from the idea and design to processing

    An adequate product graphic contributes significantly to the overall impression the product creates with the customer.