Industrial Design / Industrie Gestaltung Dialogform - Investitionsgüter iNOVA 2000 - Ciber
Industrial Design / Industrie Gestaltung Dialogform - Investitionsgüter AST-2 Phoenix Goldhofer
Dialogform EasyDrive - Hamm
Industrial Design / Industrie Gestaltung Dialogform - Spielzeug rollyDigger XL - rollyToys
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Design lives – from and through dialogue!

Dialogform GmbH is a design service provider primarily active in the investment and consumer goods sector. The design of technical products always takes place in close dialogue with our clients as project partners. The main focus is the formulation of a target-oriented design strategy that shapes the market and brands, taking into account the corporate philosophy of the respective client. A prerequisite for this is sensory sensitivity and special creativity, paired with experience in precise project management and execution.
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“The team at Dialogform sees industrial design as a technical and artistic challenge with the aim of developing a product that is optimal right down to the last function. Here we actually experience the combination of a high aesthetic demand with a convincing functional optimization of our machines”.

Dipl.–Ing. Martin Buschmann

authorized signatory
Head of Development & Design
Vice President R&D
Joseph Vögele AG